Man sitting at the living room table looking seriously at bills lying next to his laptop.

You got a bill.
Why's that?

It's simple. You bought something from someone and didn't pay the bill. Maybe you just forgot. What's next? We'll help you pay your bill. All you need to do is: get in touch. Together we'll find a solution that suits both sides. Our purpose is: a debt-free world. And we'd like to free you from your debts.

We're happy to help. Just get in touch.

Your questions. Our answers.

The fastest and most popular way is the one-off payment. You can pay your bill at once. Other option is to ask for instalments. To find an instalment plan that suits your situation please get in touch. Together we'll find a solution that suits both sides.

Grab our letter, look up the claim number and choose the payment type you like: bank transfer, slip, deposit on the account or QR Code. 



As soon as the original creditor ask us (EOS) for help is our contractual obligation to make appropriate steps for the debt collection. Please get in touch with us. Thanks.

Please don't. Most people do because it's an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation. No need to worry. We can help you through this. And we'll take the time you need to help you find a solution and anwer all your questions. One of them we can answer right now: what if you ignore the whole thing? Well, the longer the process, the higher the costs.


Maybe you just forgot. That's human. We all forget things from time to time. That's why that someone asked you again to pay the bill. And you didn't. Again. Now that someone has asked us for help, which is why you got a reminder from us. And we'll remind you a couple more times. We offer you a fair chance to solve it.

Don't worry: we'll find a solution. It's our job to free you from your debts. Not with one-size-fits-all solutions, but tailored ones. For example: if you can't pay the full amount straight away, we'll split it into instalments. A start towards a future that frees you from the burden of your debts. Just talk to us: we're professionals happy to help.

Okay, then our letter, email or text message may have taken you by surprise. We wrote to you because you bought something from someone and didn't pay the bill. Maybe you just forgot. Now that someone has asked us to help. That's why our name is on the letter.

If you remember your purchase, check your bank account. Maybe something went wrong with the payment. Then check with us. We can run you through the payment options. Please get in touch. Thanks. 

Great. That's good news. Maybe the payment hasn't reached us yet, or maybe something else went wrong somewhere. Let's double-check it together. Please get in touch to make sure that we are on the same page. Then that's it. Thanks for your help and time.

We're sorry for that. Please get in touch with us so that we can stop sending letters to the wrong address.

Okay. Sometimes things go wrong. And that's a pain for everyone involved. Let's find out where things went wrong together. Please get in touch to let us know that the claim isn't correct. That's important because right now, we don't know. And you'll probably get more unnecessary letters, emails or phone calls. Please get in touch; we'll look into the matter. Thanks.

Yes. We're a global player with lots of experience and years in business. On the market we belong to members of Association of debt collection agencies. Get in touch how you like: write an email, call or you can come to our company. If you are still unsure, you can turn to a debtor's advisory centre for help.

Possibly, yes. You should respond to the text message from EOS. The same applies to any letters you may have received. Get in touch right here, right now. 

Sure. Sometimes things go wrong. Sorry for that. Let's find out what went wrong together. Just get in touch however you like: write an email or a letter, call us, visit our offices, or use the callback service. Thanks.


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