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Debt purchase by EOS KSI Czech Republic

Instant cash flow and a healthier balance sheet thanks to debt sale

EOS KSI Czech Republic offers purchase of debts portfolios of various compositions. We assume our client’s debts, unsecured or secured by movable property or real estate.

After receiving corresponding sample of your debts,  we will prepare the analysis that will the base for setting the purchase price. The offered purchase price reflects the quality and the structure of the provided data. You can make sure that we will not make false promises which we are not able to keep.

Selected procedure of debt portfolio valution is the part of a business relationship based on the trust and partnership.

Debt purchase by EOS KSI Czech Republic – your benefits:

  • We will purchase your debts thereby we will help to a positive impact on your balance sheet.
  • We process your debts properly while protecting your reputation.
  • We facilitate immediate cash flow for new investments.
  • We save your time.
  • We support your dunning and legal departments.

Increase your cash flow by using the EOS KSI Czech Republic debt purchase services.

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