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Debt collection with head and heart

Entrust EOS KSI Czech Republic to manage your unpaid invoices

EOS KSI has rich experiences in debt collection area. In addition to our local knowledge we use itnernal expertise thanks to EOS Group network.

We do offer mostly services of pre-legal, legal and execution debt collection.

Pre-legal collection includes - phone contact, reminders sending and possibility of field inspector use. Next to those methods we also use modern means of debt collection for example reminder sending via e-mail, SMS sending and communication thru Skype.

Services of legal collection we do provide through exclusively set cooperation with lawyer office NEDBALOVÁ / TUČKOVÁ / PARTNEŘI, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.

In case of executory proceeding we use services of proven executors.

Our trained employees are ready to help you with the debt collection process doesn´t matter if it is for the segment of B2C or B2B.

Trust our experts in debt collection

At the moment of data hand over, company EOS KSI sends within 24 hours first reminder as a first call of payment.

According to the outcome of collection (a) the debt will be collected and a final report prepared, or (b) further instruments of collection will be recommended. Based on a detailed analysis of  the debtor´s portfolio will be developed the statistical evaluation of success rate of recovery  or forwarded other recommendations of the appropriate procedure.

Into those steps belongs the enforcement of the judgement, execution or cross border collection. Our main aim is to recover the debt without disrupting the relationship between the customer and your company.

We try to factually re-establish contact with your customer, to talk to them and find acceptable solutions that benefit your liquidity while taking into account what your customer is able to pay.

Generally, the pre-legal debt collection is less expensive and faster. The important parameter is the age it means sooner the debt will be transmitted to collection agency the chance for the collection of whole debt will be higher.

Debt collection from EOS KSI Czech Republic – your benefits:

  • You gain flexibility: by putting your trust in the experience of our qualified employees
  • You benefit from our professionalism, EOS receivables management uses highly effective software solutions.

You secure competitive advantages of EOS KSI Czech Republic’s debt collection services you improve your liquidity and reach your goals faster.

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