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Where else can I go for help?

If you could not find what you were looking for, you can try one of the following links/addresses:

EOS KSI CR settles claims by providing debt collection services to creditors and by managing the relationship between debtors and creditors. In order to fulfil our role to the fullest extent possible, we also take responsibility for raising public awareness of foundations and advisory centres dealing with this issue. These are institutions focused on helping debtors under pressure that can help clarify the terminology and processes used by lawyers and professionals in the field of debt collection. Non-profit organisations actively involved with the issue of debt and social integration include: 

Člověk v tísni, o.p.s.: 
Their Czech branches:

Poradna při finanční tísni, o.p.s.:

Asociace občanských poraden:,com_poradny/Itemid,8/view,poradny/

RUBIKON Centrum:

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