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Did you know that cooperating with us is worth it?

If you get a letter from us, there is no need to stick your head in the sand. Let's work together to find a way for you to pay the overdue amount and avoid extra charges.

"To forget is human" – pre-litigation debt collection

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you may simply forget to pay an invoice on time. That happens a lot. Companies ask debt collectors like EOS to collect those debts. In pre-litigation debt collection (before a court gets involved), we write payment reminders or call to remind you of an unpaid invoice. At this time additional cost are quite low. Get in touch with us to prevent them from rising.

"It might cost extra…" – judical dunning process

If you do not respond to payment reminders, a creditor has the right to take legal steps. Therefore companies seek the help of EOS. Our lawyers then go to court to get a title (something like a court decision) that confirms what you owe and orders you to pay. Getting a title costs money since lawyers and courts want to be paid for their work. A company can bill its customer for the costs and the debt grows. Timely contact with us will prevent legal steps and keep costs low. 

"Hasn't the statute of limitations run out?" – judicial default action

When we have a title that says a debt is legally binding, we continue to try to collect the outstanding amount. A title is valid for 10 years. That's the time the creditor – or a debt collection company working on its behalf – has to collect the debt, including all related costs, from the customer. The responsible person is allowed to use enforcement measures such as attachment of earnings.

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