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Did you get a letter from us and don't know why?

We will be happy to explain

We usually have a simple reason for writing: you did not pay an invoice on time and the original creditor has now asked us to collect the amount you owe. That's why you received a letter from us instead of from the original creditor, e.g. your telecom. Take another look at our letter. You will probably find the name of the original creditor to whom you have to pay.

Together we will find a solution

We know that people sometimes simply forget to pay a invoice or that financial circumstances do one not allow for example the buyer to pay all outstanding invoices at once. Sometimes payments have not been made because the invoices never reached the buyer.

Whatever applies to your case, let's talk about it. Please contact us and we will find the best way for you to pay your bills. You can instead log in here to find out more about your debt or to make a payment. Learn more about debt collection and why cooperating with us is worth it. Do you have any other questions? Please get in touch with us.

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